Translations for the Sciences

With globalisation, the international exchange of ideas is also becoming increasingly important for the sciences. Qualified, professional translations provide you with an international audience while guaranteeing that your theses are conveyed without anything being lost in translation.

We carefully research scientific translations and, using the terminology specific to your field, ensure that your translation is conveyed in a clear and precise manner. In the process, we consider the subject matter, the fine differences between scientific disciplines, and the target group. After all, we translate texts to suit the target group: Whether highly sophisticated and carefully selected specialised vocabulary for the specialist or easy-to-understand and coherent for the layperson. This depends on whether you would like to address the public with lectures, speeches, and essays or colleagues with technical literature, papers, abstracts or dissertations.

All our work is written with care and reviewed by proofreaders - all of this of course in compliance with DIN EN 15038. Our registration under DIN CERTCO (Reg. No. 7U207) guarantees this.
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